Monitor Style Post Frame Garage in Washington State

As we continue to focus on the monitor style buildings in Washington State, we wanted to share a recent project by Spane Buildings on Camano Island in Washington State. This post frame monitor style garage on Camano Island is absolutely stunning. Check out this video tour:

The garage features four bays, a closed off loft space, and a covered deck with spectacular views. The most unique features of this garage are only made available because of the monitor design of the building.

Spane Buildings has been constructing post frame buildings in Washington State since 1945. Here are a few more examples of some monitor style buildings Spane Buildings has constructed in Washington State:

Why a Monitor Barn?

The center roof of a Monitor Barn is raised from the main roof, which is then is supported by the addition of knee walls.

Monitor Barns have a unique look that is extremely popular, but what are the advantages?


  • Unique look
  • While the pitch of the roof remains low, loft space becomes available
  • The center roof portion can be pre-assembled
  • Windows can be installed without the use of dormers